Camp Odyssey: Adventures in Earth & Spirit

Watch your kids or grandkids come alive with excitement during this weeklong day camp experience, as they learn about their inner selves, their connection to others, and their essential belonging to the awe and wonder of the natural world.

Inside Out: Mindfulness & Yoga Day Camp

It’s hard for kids to really slow down in a busy, overscheduled world of endless stimulation, entertainment and distraction. And sped up kids makes for frazzled parents!  This weeklong, half-day camp experience helps kids in grades 1-6 to unplug from the outer world and to tune in to their bodies, minds and natural surroundings.

Mindfulness Training for Educators

This program helps educators establish a personal mindfulness practice and bring the research-proven benefits of mindfulness skills to young people in educational and clinical settings. It is designed for teachers, counselors and school administrators who work with students in grades K-12 in public or private schools.